Ozzy Osbourne

By MiGzies
  • John Michael Osbourne is born

    John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne was born in Aston, Birmingham, England. He was the 4th out of 6 children born under Jack and Lillian Osbourne, with his three sisters Jean, Iris, Gillian, and his two brothers Paul and Tony.
  • Period: to

    Ozzy's Life

  • Ozzy and Geezer Butler form a band

    Ozzy Osbourne joins Geezer Butler's band Rare Breed. They played two shows under the name and broke up after. They are later joined by Tony Iommi and Bill Ward, to which they form Earth. After being mistaken for another band at a gig, they were forced to change the name.
  • Finally named Black Sabbath

    in early 1969, the band finally decided on the name Black Sabbath, from the movie around the same time
  • Black Sabbath releases their debut album

    Black Sabbath release their first album (self titled). it reached the Top 8 in the UK Charts
  • BS releases Paranoid

    Black Sabbath releases their new album Paranoid (originally called War Pigs until Warner Bros. changed it) It was released in January 1971 in the US due to the fact that Black Sabbath (album) was still in the top ten albums when Paranoid was released to the UK
  • Master of Reality is released

    Black Sabbath releases Master of Reality, recieving gold status in less then 2 months
  • Volume 4 is released

    After a few years taking a break from touring and running around everywhere, the band got together again to created Volume 4. It was originally going to be called Snowblind, in relation to cocaine absue (which they were doing lots of). The album did not get wonderful reviews by critics but it went certified gold within a month.
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is released

    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is released, and was the first album to receive great reviews from critics, and also was awarded Platinum Status.
  • Sabotage is released

    Sabotage is released, and received mix reviews (mostly positive) about the album.
  • Technical Ecstasy is released

    Technical Ecstasy is released, getting very mixed reviews by the critics, with most saying that the band is slowly falling apart.
  • Period: to

    Ozzy leaves Black Sabbath and rejoins

    Ozzy Osbourne leaves Sabbath to start on his own projects, but after a few months of being away, he has a change of heart and joins agains
  • Never Say Die! is released

  • Ozzy Osbourne is fired from Sabbath

    Due to exessive use of drugs and alcohol, he was fired from Black Sabbath as band members believed that the addictions were getting to him.
  • Ozzy forms his own band

    Ozzy Osbourne decides to start up a new band with his then girlfriend (now wife) Sharon, under the name of The Blizzard of Ozz. During the year he released his self titled album (which went multi-platinum) and also Diary of a Madman.
  • Speak of the Devil is released

    Speak of the Devil is released, which was originally suppose to be live recordings of previous albums, but due to their contract, it became Sabbath covers instead.
  • Ozzy appears in a Was (Not Was) single

    Ozzy appears as lead vocals to Was (Not Was) single "Shake Your Head (Let's Go to Bed)". Madonna was back up vocals for the song.
  • The Ultimate Sin is released

    The Ultimate Sin is released, and is one of Ozzy's highest charting albums, receiving platinum status.
  • No More Tears is released

    No More Tears is released. This album recieved a lot of airplay and TV time.
  • Live & Loud is released

    Live & Loud is released. Supposedly this was suppose to be Ozzy's last album he would create and would retire afterwards. It achieved a multi-platinum status and was ranked #10 on the Billboards chart.
  • Ozzmosis is released

    After his short retirement from music, Ozzy released Ozzmosis.
  • Ozzfest is created

    Ozzfest is created by his wife Sharon with the help of his son Jack. The festival turned out to be a huge financial success for Ozzy, and was first held in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Down to Earth is released

    Down to Earth is released, which went gold, then platinum.
  • Period: to

    The Osbournes

    The show "The Osbournes" was aired. It featured Sharon, Ozzy, Jack, Kelly, and every now and then Louis also appeared. Their daughter Aimee did not participate in the show.
  • Prince of Darkness Boxset is released

    Prince of Darkness boxset is released, which includes live performances, demos, singles, duets, and covers.
  • Black Rain is released