Ozone Layer

  • Discovery

    The ozone layer was discovered
  • What is it

    ozone layer comes from the exposure of the sun
  • layers

    around this time they figurted that the ozone has different layers to it
  • Importants

    Peopl figure out that the ozone layer is important because it protect the living organism on the earth's surfaces
  • The noticing

    reseachrches notice something was wrong wit hthe stratosphere in the 1970's
  • How

    Chlorine gets to the air by when contacted with rays by CFC, which breaks into chlorine which starts breaking the molecules of the ozone
  • 1987

    in 1987 scienctist signed Montreal Protocol to reduce the ozone layer and try to rduce around the 2000's came around
  • Value of the Ozone

    in the 1994 ozone layer lost half of its value
  • Cause

    scientists firgure there are 4 causes of the depletion of the ozone one is isolating the air due to the formation of the polar
  • Monthly Average

    from the averages of the October from 1980-1991, show the ozone layer has been depleted
  • The problem

    scientists thought that the realease of the CFC was going reduce the ozone that protets us
  • Ozone Loss

    When hot weathers return the polar vortex, it causes the active chlorine to destroy the ozone