Overcoming Adversity

  • Birth

    A future miracle surfer was born.
  • Her Adversity

    Bethany Hamilton was bit by a 14-foot tiger shark. This day was the last day she had her left arm intact.
  • Recoved Already

    A month later Bathny Hamilton went back in the water, a day before Thanksgiving.
  • Thailand {World Vision}

    When Bethany took a trip out to Thailand, just like in the movie Soul Surfer, she really did teach the kids to not be afraid of the water and she taugh them how to surf.
  • Pro Surfer

    After the attack just a few short years later she became a pro sufer.
  • Soul Surfer

    In honor of Bethany Hamiltons incredible story, they created a film called "Soul Surfer."
  • Lovey Dovey

    Bethany Hamilton marrys Adam Dirks.
  • Body and Soul

    Bethany Hamilton becomes Pro Surfer to having a second job as Pro Author.
  • Baby on Board

    Sometimein June Bethany Hamilton and AdamDirks willbe expecting a baby!