Ou of my mind

Out of my Mind

  • Exposition 1- Background

    Exposition 1- Background
    Melody Brooks has never been able to talk at all or move much since she was born. Because of this she is in a specail needs class. Yet she is the smartest person in Spaulding Street Elementary School. But to show it, she needs words.
  • Exposition 2- Setting

    Exposition 2- Setting
    This story takes place in the present althought the exact year is not given (I just choose 2011-2012) It happens in Ohio in the USA but the town name is not given. The school that Melody attends is named Spaulding Street (Elementary) School.
  • Exposition 3- Characters

    Exposition 3- Characters
    In "Out of my Mind' the main character is Melody Brooks. Melody can't talk or walk. And sometimes she drools and kicks randomly. However Melody is the smartest person in the entire school. But people can't accept that. Penny is Melody's little sister, Ms. V is her neighbor, and Rose is Melody's "friend." Molly and Claire are two girls on the quiz team who are accedingly mean to Melody, Mr. Dimming is the World Cultures teacher and runs the quiz team, and Catherine is Meody's school aid.
  • Conflict

    Everyone thinks that Melody has nothing going on inside her brain when she has so much to say. People (Claire, Molly, etc.) don't think however she deserves much respect. (Even when she gets her media talker)
  • Rising Action 1- Inclusion Classes

    Rising Action 1- Inclusion Classes
    Melody starts going to more inclusion classes which have her in classes with regular kids. Although they are called inclusion classes however, Melody isn't included so much because she can't say the answers and no one really wants to be her friend.
  • Rising Action 2- Aquarium Incident

    Rising Action 2- Aquarium Incident
    Over Thanksgiving break, Melody takes Rose to the Aquarium. But they see Molly and Claire. Molly and Claire snicker at Rose being here with Melody. Rose whispers to them "It's not that bad." That makes Melody wonder when she gets home, did Rose really have a good time like she said she did. P.S. They talk about sharks in a tank overhead like in the picture.
  • Rising Action 3- Media Talker

    Rising Action 3- Media Talker
    Melody comes back from holiday break with her new media talker. The media talker says what Melody types, can play music, and allows her to take quizzes. But more than that, it opens a new door for her and allows her to communicate.
  • Rising Action 4-Quiz Team Put Down

    Rising Action 4-Quiz Team Put Down
    Claire, Molly, and even Rose and Mr. Dimming don't think that it was smarts that made Melody ace the practice quiz. They think it was just a lucky accident and that Melody probably should not try out to be on the quiz team.
  • Rising Action 5- On the Team

    Rising Action 5- On the Team
    Melody toke the quiz yesterday and is anxiously awaiting results all day. The studying with Mrs. V payed off however. Melody received a perfect score on the tryout test. Mr. Dimming realizes that it was no accident this time. However, not everyone else does. Melody has made the quiz team.
  • Rising Action 6- Competition

    Rising Action 6- Competition
    Melody's team wins their first competition, which means that they will go to Washington D.C. to compete in the finals. When going out dinner after the competition though, everyone else is weirded out that Melody has to be fed.
  • Rising Action 7- Friend?

    Rising Action 7- Friend?
    When leaving practice, Melody sees Rose talking to Molly an Claire. Rose has been the closest thing Melody has ever had to a real friend. But Molly and Claire have been downright mean to her. Melody wonders... are they talking about a trip to the mall...or are they talking about her?
  • Climax- Left Behind

    Climax- Left Behind
    Melody and her family get to the airport to find that flights have been delayed because of the weather and the team left without her on an earlier flight. Later it turns out that they all went to breakfast together. Melody was not invited because they were afraid that she would slow them down because she has to be fed. They got to the airport early and found that they could just make this one earlier flight. Rose was going to call Melody, but everyone shook their heads. They boarded without her.
  • Falling Action 1-  Proving Resilience

    Falling Action 1-  Proving Resilience
    Melody insists on going to school the next day to prove that being left behind by the quiz team hasn't gotten to her. However, the weather is terrible. It's pouring, Penny is sick, Butterschotch (the dog) threw up, and her mom has to go into the hospital because of a big accident on the freeway even though she is supposed to be off. Melody still has her mom take her to school. But they oly get as far as out th driveway before something terrible happens...
  • Falling Action 2- Penny!!

    Falling Action 2- Penny!!
    Penny crawls under the car to grab Doodle, her stuffed animal. Melody kicks and screams to try to tell her mom not to back out of the driveway, but her mom can't understand what she means so she backs out, and runs over Penny! Penny is rushed to the hospital and Melody over to Mrs. V's house.
  • Falling Action 3- The Call

    Falling Action 3- The Call
    Mrs. V and Melody are anxious about what's going on with Penny. They finally get a phone call that sends them relief. Penny survived the surgery without any permanant damage.
  • Falling Action 4- Facing the Quiz Team

    Falling Action 4- Facing the Quiz Team
    Next Monday, Melody goes to Mr. Dimming's class. The room is silent. Melody asks why they left her. Rose tries to explain about them going to breakfast. Everyone, even Claire it seems, feels really ashamed.
  • Falling Action 5- Trophy

    Falling Action 5- Trophy
    Melody is presented with the low 9th place throphy the team won at the D.C. competition as a consolation prize. She bursts into a fit of giggles and breaks the trophy. She tells them that she doesn't want it and wheels out of the room. Now she feels like she really is over that incident.
  • Resolution 1- No more Teasing

    Resolution 1- No more Teasing
    Melody got over being left behind by what happened in Mr. Dimming's class. This also made people so ashamed about leaving her (even Molly and Claire) that they stop teasing her it seems.
  • Resolution 2- Understanding

    Resolution 2- Understanding
    Now that Melody has her Media Talker and people have stopped teasing her, she is begginig to be understood. She has so much to stay. She is getting her thoughts out of her mind and letting other people know them.
  • Resolution 3- Life is Good

    Resolution 3- Life is Good
    Penny is pk, Melody is now ok, and the story just seems to get summed up very well. THANK YOU FOR VEIWING MY TIMETOAST!