our property history

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In History
  • grant from Canada to David and Eliza Hogaboaw

  • Mortgage taken out on property for $350 with Hamilton Prov and Loan

  • William and Joseph Weir purchase land for $340

  • Logging

    Timber rights are sold to the Utterson Lumber Company for $14,000.
  • additional loggers

    Wm.Lovering added in logging for $7000 and obtains half the timber.
  • Charles William Weir purchases the land for $1

  • Hydro Towers and lines go in.

    Consideration of $243.70 was given to Weirs for their property use of the hydro lines
  • Weir's add the Klubal family members as joint tenants for $1 each.

    Karel and Ludmila Klubal as joint tenants as to an undivided 2/3 interest, Jiri and Vera Klubal as joint tenants as to rem. 1/3 interest. All of lot and other lands Suject to HEPC easememt over said lot 12 as in instrument #61567.
  • Geoffery and Lisa Vanderkloet purchase land for $47,000

  • Vanderkloets hire loggers to log the land

  • Reg and Dwight Brown purchase land for $150,000