African americans

Our Famous African Americans

By erlene
  • Fredrick Douglass

    Fredrick Douglass
    Click this link .He was Abe Lincoln's friend. .He thought like Dr.King. He had 4 jobs.
  • George W. Carver

    George W. Carver
    Click to learn more. George Washington Carver was famous for making many uses for peanuts. *He invented peanut-butter. *From 1915-1925 he concentrated on inventing more with peanuts. *He died Jan. 5,1943.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Click here to learn more about Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama.
    Rosa Parks is famous because she declared freedom and wouldn’t give up her bus seat for a white.
    On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a 42 year old African American who worked as a seamstress, boarded this Montgomery bus to go home from work. That day on the bus, Rosa Parks intiated a new era in the American quest for freedom and equality.
  • Jesse Owens

    Jesse Owens
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    *Jesse Owens was a track and field athlete. *He became famous for his 220 yard dash. *His 220 yard dash took 20.3 seconds. *Jesse held six world records and each of them stood for twenty-five years. *He engaged in boys' guidance activities after his retirement. *Sadly, he died March 31, 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Aretha Franklin

    Aretha Franklin
    <a href='' > Click here to read more about her. *She is a great African American singer,and she made the ''Respect'' song. *She was named after two aunts. *Her Genres are Soul,Blues,R and B,Jass,Funk, and Rock. *Her birth name is Aretha Louise Franklin.
  • Coretta Scott King

    Coretta Scott King
    Click to learn more Coretta was born in Heiberger, Alabama with her parents Bernice McMurry Scott and Obadiah Scott. She is famous for taking part in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and worked to pass the Civil Rights Act. She became active in the women's movement. She joined the Antoich chapter of the NAACP. She wrote a book called "My life with Martin Luther King Jr ". After her husband died she found the Center of Nonviolet Social Change in Atlanta. Coretta died on January 30, 2006 at age 78.
  • Bo Diddley

    Bo Diddley
    <a href='
    click to learn more about Bo Diddley Bo Diddley was a famous guitar player / singer. His real name is Ellas Otha Bates. He was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his 1955 recording of his song "Bo Diddley". He was known as "The Orginator". He introduced more and more rythms to rock and roll.
  • Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones
    Click to learn more -Quincy Jones fell in love with music in elementary school. -He has 1,600 titles. -He published Micheal Jacksons ''THRILLER.'' -He published ''THE WIZARD of OZ'' sound track.
  • Tina Turner

    Tina Turner
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    Tina's real name was Annie Mae Bullock. When she was eighteen she started her singing career. She became famous when she met IkeTurner. She was known for What's Love Got to do with it. She was a victum of abuse by her then spouse Ike Turner. She is now semi retired. She is still alive.
  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali
    more about Muhammad Ali He became fames for his boxing. He won against Doug Joneson on March 13,1996 in NY city. 61 fights won 56 lost 5 times 37 kos. Muhammad Ali is 6ft 3in age 70.
  • Alice Walker

    Alice   Walker
    Click here to learn href='more</a> ' >Click here</a> She became famous for her poems. She had one daughter named Rebecca. Her mom's name was Mary Patricia Walker. She wrote lots of poems.
  • Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder
    click for more info. He plays music even though he's blind. He is in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. He is a great man and one of his popular songs is I Just Called
    to say I Love you.
  • Luther Vandross

    Luther Vandross
    [ Read to learn more about Luther Vandross]( Luther was one of the most successful R & B singers of the late 20th century.
    • He was known for his lush voice, soulful and romantic ballards and the way he worked with Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson.
    • He recorded 15 albums and sold a total of 25 million albums during his lifetime.
    • He won at least six Grammy awards.
    • He died on July 1, 2005.
  • Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey
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    • She is famous for being the most succsessful women in America.
    *She has had 5 president s on her talk show. *At 17 she was a reporter.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges
    Click here to learn more Ruby became famous because she played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement by fighting to stop segregation. Her teacher, therapist, and her were reunited on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Ruby became a travel agent after she graduated. She had her first day of school in 1960.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard

    Sugar Ray Leonard
    click to find out more *He won 36 rounds,1draw,3 losses. *He was an olympic champ but he retired. *He started at Palmer Park in 1969. *He won a super middle weight championship. *He won 5 titles when he was a light weight.
  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson
    Learn more about him Michael Jackson was born in Gary,Indiana. When he was six years old he was in a band called the Jackson Brothers. He sang the most popular remix in history. The most popular of his songs was "Thriller" and he made the popular dance move the moonwalk. He won eleven Grammies for only two of his songs. Tragicly he perished(died) on June 25,2009
  • Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan
    click for more details He won fifteen nvp in his career. He won about 60 awards in his career. Michael Jordan played for 30 teams and about all teams he
    won an award for every team he has played for.
  • Charles Barkley

    Charles Barkley
    click to find more Charles Barkley is famus for playing basketball and he won 2 gold medals at the olympic and his number was 34.
    *He was in the hall of fame
    *He won 2 gold mmedals
    *He won alot of games
  • Halle Berry

    Halle Berry
    Click here to learn more </a> She is famous for playing in movies. Also, for being an actress. She was married to baseball star David Justice from 1992 to 1996. She was a fashion model. She was the first African American to represent the Miss World pageant in 1989.
  • Shaquille O'Neal

    Shaquille O'Neal
    To learn more Shaquille was voted most valuable person in N.B.A. in 2000. He was also the first person to become player of the week his first week in N.B.A. . In 1993 Shaquille was voted All- Star Game.
  • Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant
    ' Click to learn more Kobe Bryant is a African-American shooting guard who play's for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe's father played eight seasons in the NBA. Kobe Bryant has won five NBA championships. January 22,2006, Kobe scored eighty one points against the Toronto Raptors. that's a lot of points for one basketball player!
  • Venus Williams

    Venus Williams
    more about her Venus Williams became famous by playing tennis she went to championships after chanpionships. More Facts
    1.Won three olympic gold medals and most active tennis player other than her sister Sereana.
    2.Has been playing tennis since she was little and carried her career.
    3.Venus earned 21 titles of grand slams!
    I enjoyed learning about her hope you to can so click the link!
  • Serena Williams

    Serena Williams
    Click to learn more Serena Williams is a famous tennis player.
    Her sister Venus Williams is a famous tennis player too.
    She has 27 grand slam titles
    Serena has won 2 Olympic Gold Medals