Ouccpy Wall Street

By MitchA
  • Adbusters calls for Occupy Wall Street

    The company Adbusters calls for a protest called Occupy Wall Street.
  • Occupy Wall Street Begins

    Occupy Wall Street Begins
    The beginning of a protest created by Adbusters.
  • 80 arrests on protesters are made

    80 people are arrested by the NYPD and a video of a young woman being maced is leaked.
  • Over 700 arrests made on protesters

    Over 700 protesters were herded onto the Brooklyn Bridge and arrested by police.
  • More citites occupied

    More occupy movements start within cities including Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tampa, Houstun, Austin and Salt Lake City.
  • Protesters cleared from Zuccoti Park

    Protesters are removed from Zuccoti Park by Mayor Bloomberg and not allowed to return by police.
  • Obama Acknowledges Occupy Wall Street

  • Police Brutality from NYPD

    NYPD open fire on OWS with beanbags and rubber bullets, an Iraq war vetern is hit in the head with a gas canister fired by police and is in critical condition.
  • Crowds of Occupy Wall Street hit 30,000

  • New Occupy Movement Introduced

    Following a slogan of "banks got bailed out, but families got kicked out," the OWS protesters start a new movement called Occupy Homes. An idea to occupy homes foreclosed by banks.
  • Police raid Zuccotti park again

    70 arrested and over 5000 books are confiscated from the Peoples Library, a library for the protesters to use.