Other Inventions of the 1940s

  • Color Television

    Color Television
    Peter Goldmark invents modern color television system.
  • Aerosol Spray Cans

    Aerosol Spray Cans
    Aerosol spray cans invented by American inventors, Lyle David Goodloe and W.N. Sullivan.
  • Slinky

    Richard James invents the slinky.
  • Silly Putty

    Silly Putty
    James Wright invents silly putty.
  • Aqualung

    Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau invent the aqualung.
  • Kidney Dialysis Machine

    Kidney Dialysis Machine
    The kidney dialysis machine is invented by Willem Kolff.
  • Frisbee

    The Frisbee is invented by Walter Frederick Morrison and Warren Franscioni.
  • Jukebox

    Robert Hope-Jones invented the Wurlitzer jukebox.
  • Boxed Cake Mix

    Boxed Cake Mix
    Cake mix is invented.