O'Shae's Timeline

  • Enlightment

    John Locke- enlightment thinker, came up with idea of natural rights
    enlightment time period influenced the american, french, and latin revolution, citizens rebeled againist there government and won independence
  • Period: to

    Art History

  • Louis-Jean-Francois Lagrenee

    He was born on 12/30/1724 and died on 6/19/1805. He attended the Royal Academy and got his Diploma picture.
  • Robert Adam

    He was scottish neo-classical architect, interior, and furniture designer.
  • American Revolution

    It was the political upheavel during the half of the 18th century in wwhich 13 colonies in North America joined together to break free from the British empire.
  • French Revolution

    The period when france wanted to overthrow their king. France that had a major impact on France and throughout the rest of Europe.
  • Neo-classical Art

    Neoclassical art is an severe and unemotional art in ancient Greece and Rome. Neoclassical Art was a part of a revival interest in classical thought, which was the importance of the American and French revolution.
  • Industrial Revolution1820-1870

    The industrial revolution was the time period when new and improved inventions were made and used to help things get made quicker and easier and made more.
  • Syrian Revolution

    The arab troops helped the british capture Damascus.
  • Libian Revolution

    The time period when libians overthrew their king King Idris I because he overthrew the Libyan Constitution.
  • Egyption Revolution

    The time period when egyptions fleed the streets yelling "Bread and Freedom". They protested agaisnt Hosni Mubarak .