Osborne Memorial Chapel

  • Construction begins

    Construction begins
    The chapel was contructed in Sproxton, England in 1864. This is six years after Baker University was founded. [Image Source](<a href='' >Image Source</a>
  • Chapel closes in Sproxton

    Chapel closes in Sproxton
    Three family members closed the chapel because of the amount of work it took to maintain the chapel. Image Source
  • Idea at BU

    Idea at BU
    Image SourceBaker University President Dan Lambert asked Dr. Dean Bevin, who was teaching at Harlaxton College, to find a boarded-up church for sale that might look good on campus. Ten miles from Harlaxton, he found the chapel in Sproxton. They began to negotiate with donors, and found Robert Osborne, who said he would pay for half of it.
  • Osborne provides complete donation

    Osborne provides complete donation
    Six months after agreeing to pay for half of the chapel, Robert Osborne notified the university that he would pay for the entire chapel. He said that if the chapel was named after his wife, Clarice L. Osborne, he would pay for the entire project. Image Source
  • DeSpain becomes campus minister

    DeSpain becomes campus minister
    Ira DeSpain becomes campus minister at Baker University.
  • Final Celebration

    Image SourceThere was a final celebration hosted at the chapel in Sproxton, England the day before the chapel was deconstructed.
  • Stone arrives at Baker

    Stone arrives at Baker
    The first crates of stone from the chapel arrived at Baker University for reconstruction. Image Source
  • First wedding

    The first worship service in the Clarice L. Osborne Memorial Chapel was hosted on August 10, 1996. It was a wedding between Greg Webber and Brandy Wagnor.
  • First worship service

    The first regular worship service was hosted in the chapel on August 29, 1996.
  • Dedication

    Image SourceThe chapel was dedicated at Baker University by Lady Margaret Thatcher, former Bristish Prime Minister. Her father had previously taught in the building while it was in England.