Origins of Cold War

  • October Revolution

    Bolsheviks seized power in Russia
  • United States officially recognised Soviet Union

  • Operation Barbarossa

    Germany invaded Soviet Union
  • D-Day

    Allied invasion of German occupied Northern France
  • Bretton Woods Conference

  • Churchill- Stalin Moscow Conference

  • Big Three met at Yalta Conference

  • President Roosevelt died and was succeeded by VP Truman

  • United Nations Charter was issued

  • US recognised communist- dominated Polish Gov of National Unity

  • US successfully tested an atom bomb

  • Big Three met at Postdam Conference

  • US dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima

  • US dropped an atom bomb on Nagasaki

  • Kennan's Long Telegramme

  • Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech

  • Soviet Military withdrawal from Iran

  • Secretary of State James Brunes announced relaxation

  • Announcement of the Marshall Plan

  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman addressed congress on the issue of financial aid to Greece and Turkey
  • Congress passed the National Security Act

  • Soviets imposed road, rail and river Blockade on West Berlin

  • Berlin airlift began

  • Creation of NATO

  • Soviets lifted Berlin Blockade

  • Federal Republic of Germany was established