Origins of Athletic Training

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    Origins of Athletic Training

  • The Trainers Bible

    Who wrote this book?
    **This person is considered the "Father of Modern Athletic Training."
  • National Athletic Trainers Association

    **Founded by William Frey and Chuck Cramer in 1938.
    Why did it not succeed?
  • First National Training Clinic

    What was the purpose of this meeting?
  • Early Growth of the NEW NATA

    Who was the first executive secretary?
  • Committee on Gaining Recognition

    **Start of developing a curriculum model for athletic training education.
    Who was the chairperson and what was its purpose?
  • Journal of Athletic Training

  • Code of Ethics

    What was the purpose of this?
  • 1st woman to join the NATA

    Who was it?
  • Athletic Training Education Programs

    **First NATA approved undergraduate programs
  • Women in Athletic Training during the 70s

    **Begin to see an increase in female athletic trainers.
    What is one of the main reasons behind this?
  • Title IX

    Prohibited sex discrimination in school and college athletic training programs
  • First 64-hour athletic training major

    What school was the first to have a major in athletic training?
  • American Medical Association (AMA)

    Athletic training was recognized by the AMA as what in 1990?
  • 1st female NATA executive director

    Who was it?
  • 1st woman president of the NATA Board of Certification

    Who was it?
  • 1st woman inducted into the Hall of Fame

    Who was it?
  • Women in Athletic Training Task Committee

    What was the purpose?
  • 1st female president of the NATA

    Who was it?