Order of Progression

By oaxacai
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    Order of Progression

  • Transcendentalist

    Transcendentalist such as Walt Whittman, believed a man should rely upon himself not society.This movement called for a "return in nature".
  • Abolitionist

    Slaves were auctioned off like if they were merchandise. They examined their overall appearance and were sold.
  • Progressives

    Peogressives fell into four categories: social, mental, economic, and political.They believed government should be more accountable to their citizens,
  • Free Soils Party

    opposed the extension of slavery into the western territories. The Wilmot Proviso allowed that slavery were not to be spread in the southernwestern lands.
  • Seneca Falls

    Women met at the Seneca's Fall convention to discuss equality.
  • Radical Republicans

    Radical Republicans felt the civil war was fought over slavery and equslity. They supported immediate emancipation and wanted to ratify the 13th amendment.
  • Temperance

    Women began to speak out against the evils of alcohol.
  • Labor Unions

    Labor Unions formed because workers wanted better wages, working conditions. The group of labors opposed monoplies and anybody coud be in a labor union.
  • Populist

    They werew formed from the Knights of Labor and Farmer's Alliance group. They supported the public ownerships of railroads,