One from the stands

  • "The good old days"

    "The good old days"
    Monique Manson and Abigail Johnson formed one from the stands
  • -One From the Stands-

    After deciding where to record the songs for the first album One from the stands decided to create their first project named after the band
  • "How to stand as One"

    One from the stands performed for the first time in public in the building of apple records
  • The right step to follow

    The right step to follow
    guided by the music style of Abby and the experience of Monique, the first album named "Life gatherers" was succesfully recorded.
  • Unleash your mind

    The first album of One from the stands was released to public after a promotional concert
  • "A cold way to paradise"

    "A cold way to paradise"
    the "New sounds" magazine interviews One from the stands in their january premiere right after selling over 1’000’000 copies of their new album
  • Period: to

    "To 'give it some time' was too much waiting..."

    One from the stands was invited to multiple displays and interviews in international streaming TV shows such as UK MVA Brit Awards, MTV Music Awards and an interview as a band for E!
  • "sleepless hours are worth it"

    One from the stands played live in their first international TV show; the MTV music awards.
  • The first "big" obstacle

    The first "big" obstacle
    Fred Isus was forced to leave the band after having a few personal troubles with the other members of the band including a fight Aaron James
  • Finding that balance

    The replacement for the drummer had to be imminent so Monique decided to make personal auditions to find a new drummer
  • "the first step is to begin, the second step is to reach the end"

    Farid Reds was found by Monique playing the cover of one of the songs of the first album "one from the stands" displaying a talented voice and a "unique" style that proved to be worth it during the following concerts played by One from the stands
  • "the big 'One'"

    "the big 'One'"
    Due to the mass chain effect created by One from the stands, it didn't take so long for them to sell out all the tickets for the closing concert of their tour
  • "A model to follow"

    Aaron "AJ" James decides to carry on with his career in sweden, his country of origin, as a singer and model.
  • "Finding the everlasting"

    "Finding the everlasting"
    After having a succesful recording session that week, Monique decided to go have some drinks in a recently opened pub a city away from the recording place, where, by an act of destiny, Monique found Farid reds and Harlyn Torres displaying an enormous talent as a duet and decided to offer them to join One from the stands
  • "Trying new things helps... sometimes"

    Farid went to spend a night in the bar with Harlyn and their respective girlfriends where, by mere casuality, they found Samuel Hills, who was making a cover of one of the most famous songs of one from the stands which called farid's attention and decided to join and sing with him for the pub for the night and offered him the chance to join One from the Stands.
  • Period: to

    "Ringing the world's bell"

    One from the stands went out to complete a world tour in 13 countries
  • "how to be surprised"

    During their stop in france, just after finishing their concert, Monique's attention was driven to a familiar face; Bashshar Atalah, who was invited to join the band's practices during the tour to later oficialy join the band as one of the members in the vocals
  • "The Big ONE"

    "The best concert ever"
    Was the title given by the magazines after noticing that One from the stands was the Number one band at diplaying publicaly and the proof of it were the unbelievable quantity of TV viewers and how quickly the tickets were sold
  • "Is this it?"

    In the year of 2013 there were some changes done to One from the stands which affected Bashshar Atalah and Farid Reds who disagreed with the changes and decided to leave the band once and for all