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One Direction

  • One Directions Formed into a band

    One Directions Formed into a band
    One direction wqas formed into a band on July 23, 2010. They all auditioned as single acts but were then put into a group.
  • Up All Night

    Up All Night
    One Direction releases their first album
  • Brit Award

    Brit Award
    One Direction wins a Brit Award for best single.
  • The 2012 Olypics

    The 2012 Olypics
    One Direction was one of the acts to perform at the 2012 London Olypics
  • Take Me Home

    Take Me Home
    One Direction released their second album called Take Me Home
  • Brit Awards

    Brit Awards
    One Direction attend, performed, and won an award at the Brit Awards 2013.
  • Annocement of New Tour

    Annocement of New Tour
    One Direction annoced they will be doing their first ever staduim tour.
  • Movie Premiere

    Movie Premiere
    One Direction premiered their movie This Is Us
  • Midnight Memories

    Midnight Memories
    One Direction Releses third album called Midnight Memories
  • Concert Begins

    Concert Begins
    The Where We Are concert will begin.