Of Mice and Men

  • The Weed

    The Weed
    Lennie and George escape from the weed because Lennie had been accused for rape.
  • Camp out

    Camp out
    Lennie and George decide to camp out for the night and rest before they go to the ranch. George tells Lennie not to get into any more trouble or he won't tend the rabbits.
  • The ranch

    The ranch
    Lennie and George arrive at the ranch a day late and start to work with their new boss Slim.
  • Curley's wife

    Curley's wife
    Lennie and George meet Curley's wife and notice that she's trouble. George tells Lennie to stay away from her and not to get into any trouble.
  • Dream land

    Dream land
    Lennie, George, and Candy disscus about the land that they will soon have. They start to imagine all the things that they will have on thier land and just the thought of it makes all of them happy.
  • Crooks

    Lennie gose to see his pup and talks to Crooks about the land that both Lennie and George are going to have someday.
  • The pup

    The pup
    Lennie accidently kills one of the pups and feels bad. Lennie then starts to think what to do with the pup so George won't find out what he did.
  • Accident

    Curley's wife talks to Lennie and when she lets Lennie touch her hair she starts to scream for help. Lennie then trys to keep her quiet and accidently brakes her neck and kills her.
  • The Brush

    The Brush
    Lennie then runs away to the brush and the guys see that he killed curley's wife. All the guys then start to look for Lennie.
  • Lennie

    George finds Lennie in the brush and tells him to go by the river and to take his hat off. Once Lennie dose that he imagines the land that they will soon have and then George shoots him in the back of the head.