Of Beetles & Angels

  • family of 5 forced to live in a camp with other refugess to await transfer to the US

  • The Start

    The family crosses into the city of Awad with other refugees
  • explained the city and the conditions in which they had to live under

  • the time came fo the family to go but their cousin showed up and they had to wait another year before they could travel to the US

  • They had to go back day after day to get the clearance for a family of 6 to travel

  • the famly had to walk and take a car ride to another city where they spent various months at before they were transferred

  • Finally they were sent to the US - Chicago where they were placed in a motel

  • The kids reached junior high

  • Got a job flipping burgers and cleaning/cleaners

  • Tewold opened his own business "ProCleaners"

  • Tewold was killed by a drunk driver

  • Mawi got more involved in school

  • Joined the Basketball and track team

  • Father traveled back to home country and pased away

  • Father passed away

  • Graduated high school with high honors

  • Got accepted to harvard