Headed Home

  • 20 BCE

    Helios' cattle

    odysseus warns his crew not to eat the cattle pr bad things will happen. they go against his wishes and do so anyway. Helios finds out and zeus has to fix the problem by striking odysseus ship and killing all of his remaining crew.
  • 19 BCE

    scylla and charybdis

    odysseus is stuck with a difficult question, sail towards scylla and risk his ship sinking and everyone dying, or sail towards charybdis and lose 6 men. he chooses the later of the two, and does loes six men.
  • 18 BCE

    the sirens

    Odysseus and his men pass here, an island with women singing their luring songs, trying to reel in sailors. The Sirens are bird-like creatures with girls' faces and exquisite singing voices. Their singing is so amazing that anyone who hears it experiences an irresistible compulsion to sail towards them To stop them from hearing, Odysseus fills his men's ears with beeswax, and he has them tie him to the mast so they can pass the dangerous island safely.
  • 17 BCE


    The Underworld:Odysseus talks to the prophet Teiresias to ask how he can get home, and finds his mother there, who in her depression had killed herself. She gives him news of what has been happening in Ithaca during his absence. Teiresias warns Odysseus of the problems he will face in the
  • 16 BCE


    With one ship, Odysseus reached Circe's island - home of the enchantress, Circe. Circe turns Odysseus' men into pigs, but Odysseus is protected from her magic with the help of Hermes, who gives him a magical herb called Moly. Odysseus ends up staying there for what seems like a short time, but ended up being a couple of years. Before Odysseus departs, Circe finally tells him that he needs to find the blind prophet Teiresias in the Underworld.
  • 15 BCE


    The fleet continued to the land of the Laestrygonians, The Laestrygonians, a race of cannibals, eat the Greeks. Only the men on Odysseus' ship and himself survive.
  • 14 BCE

    The island of aeolus

    odysseus lands here, the god of winds gives them a bag of wind.
    odysseus uses the nag to get them west, but his men think the bad is full of treasure. they open the bag and it has disatorius consequences.
  • 13 BCE


    The Island of the Cyclopes:
    Here, Odysseus and his men find a Cyclops' cave, lured by his cheese and wine. The cyclops, Polyphemus, traps them inside the cave and eats six of the men. Odysseus and the remaining six men supply the Cyclops with liquor and then gouge out his eye. he tells the cyclops his name is nobody. when he screams in pain and the other cyclops' come to help he replies with nobody is hurting me.They escape the cave by clinging to the bellies of the Cyclops' sheep.
  • 12 BCE

    The island of the lotus eaters

    They get blown off course and end up in the land of the lotus eaters. Some of odysseus men eat the lotus and odysseus has to retrieve them.
  • 11 BCE

    Raid on Cicones

    After leaving Troy, they stop to raid the tribe of Cicones for supplies. The Cicones attack and Odysseus loses 76 of his men.
  • 10 BCE

    Trojan war Years 1-10

    odysseus starts in troy where he is fighting in the trojan war.
    this is where he uses the wooden horse to sneak into troy and take over the city.