Wall street

Occupy Wall Street

  • Occupywallstreet.org

    A Canadian anti-consumerist magazine called Adbusters registers the domain name occupywallstreet,org
  • Day 1

    Day 1
    The first day of the OWS gathering. About 1,000 people attended. NYPD prohibited protestors from erecting tents. Actress and Comedienne Roseanne Barr speaks to protestors during the first day of the demonstration
  • Day 7

    Day 7
    The protestors rename Zuccotti Park, Liberty Square. The protestors start to get some real media attention. eg. The New York Times and other major news programs.
  • Day 15

    Day 15
    More than 5,000 people march over to the BRookyln Bridge and march over the pedestrian walk and some of the car lanes. The portestors take over part of the bridge and police stop traffic for about 2 hours. Police make about 700 arrests and paddy wagons and buses are called in to transport the protestors.
  • Day 17

    Day 17
    Protestors in New York City dress up as "corporate zombies" with painted faces and zombie walk past wall street, while carrying fake dollar bills.
  • Day 20

    Day 20
    Larger scale protests start to paint the country. in Portland, Oregan there are 5000 protesters. Other cities are represented in, LA, San Fransisco, Tampa Florida, Austin, Houston, and Salt Lake City
  • Day 23

    Day 23
    Approximately 100 protestors gather ourside of the White House. The previous day, about 100-200 protestors attempted to enter the Air and Space museum and target the displays on military drones.
  • Day 27

    Day 27
    When Mayor Bloomberg announced that Zuccotti Park had to be cleared, to be cleaned, the protestors responded saying that thy would clean up the park themselves. The NYPD also issued a statement that the organizers would no longer be able to keep sleeping equiptment in the park.
  • Day 29

    Day 29
    Protestors march to Times Square where they face the US Armed Forces Recruiting station to protest the money being spent on Foreign war and defense instead of on people in the US who have no jobs and insurance.
  • Day 30

    Day 30
    Obama extends his support to the protestors, and the White House issued a statement saying that Obama was working on the interests of the 99%. The New York City Assembly calls for a constitutional amendment and national convention to be held July 4, 2012 in Philadelphia.
  • Day 60

    Day 60
    Occupy Wall Street- at 1 a.m. the protestors are forced to leave Zucctti Park.
    Occupy Cal- over a thousand people rallied at Sproul Hall plaza
    Occupy DC- staged a sit-in at the DC headquarters of Brookview Properties who administer Zuccotti Park.
    Occupy UCDavis- held a rallyon campus that was attended by 2000 people. About 400 people occupied the Administration building.
    Occupy Seattle- rallied and marched downtown, police used pepper spray and arrested 6
  • Day 92

    Day 92
    This is the three month anniversary for the protestors an 50 people are arrested in New York. The day was dubbed by organizers to re-occupy and protestors surrounded the fenced off park, climbing over it into the park. The protestors marched on 7th ave stopping traffic until they were blockaded.