obsolete objects

By Edric E
  • The osborne 1

    The osborne 1
    The osborne 1 is the first laptop ever named after its creator Adam Osborne.The price of this machine was US$1,795 .As the machine got older the price raised even more to a price of US$5780.The osborne 1 led the path to many future generations of laptops.This is obsolete because it does not fit the criteria of a laptop this day and age as it is suposed to be a sort of lightweight carry around computer but it is like a normal computer that is not plugged and the the screen is extremely small.
  • The Toshiba T1100

    The Toshiba T1100
    The Toshiba T1100 was the very first mass arket laptop computer in history.The price of this laptop was US$1,899 which is equivilent to $5,170 in 2022.This is an obsolete item in this day and age because it is very heavy and difficult to carry around with you which makes it barely fit the criteria to be a laptop as it is supposed to be easy to have around with you.
  • IBM ThinkPad 700

    IBM ThinkPad 700
    The IBM ThinkPad 700 was a big invention due to the fact that it was said to have bright colours and crisp texts which made it better then the competetors at the time.The price of this laptop when it was released was $2,750.This laptop was a very big invention even later coming out with a premium version that was almost double the price of the original.The thing that made this obsolete was that computers were gaining more functions and this laptop failed to continue upgrading with computers.
  • IBM ThinkPad 701

    IBM ThinkPad 701
    Looking at this it seems the the 1990s was the year for the IBM as the laptop had 27 design awards and is the background of some of the laptops of these times.The price of this laptop when released was priced between $1,499 and $3,299.This laptop brought a big wave of creativity amongst other laptop componies so it made big inovations to the laptop world.The reason this is now obsolete is because of the bulky keyboard design and the outdated hardware of the laptop.
  • dell inspiron 700m

    dell inspiron 700m
    The dell inspiron 700m was said to be ahead of its time back in 2004 as it had a dvd player and a wide screen display.The price of it being at $1689 which is above the average price of laptops in 2023.The reason this became obsolete is because after its release there were a bunch of copy cats and some did it better then the original so the price got lower and then a new era came through with newer and better stuff.
  • The Alphasmart Neo

    The Alphasmart Neo
    Even though the screen of this laptop is small it is able to hold up to 200 pages of text.The price of this laptop was $142.92.This laptop is obsolete because it has no other purpose then typing only to two hundread words which is not even counted as a essay so it is very impractical to use in this day and age.It is also obselete because the look is impractical to carry around and it is very un attractive to look at so no one would really want to carry it around in the first place.
  • Asus K50IJ-BBZ5

    Asus K50IJ-BBZ5
    This laptop had a good solid build and a comfortable keyboard and it looks more attractive then all of its predeccesor laptops.This laptop was priced at $529 which is about the lowest priced dual-core laptop you can find.this device became obsolete because as time went by more computers that were more lightweight and attractive came by and toke its spot on the podium and now it is just any other old laptop.It is alos obsolete because the mainframe and almost every part of it is outdated.