Nuremburg Trials

  • United Nations were formed

    the allies formed the united nations and there careated the Universal Declaration of Human rights
  • Nuremburg Trials Begin

    the major war criminals were trailed in Nuremburg, Germany
  • Period: to

    Nuremburg Trials

  • Organisations Found

    seven german groups were decided to have the the worst impact on the war.evidence was gathered against the seven groups (The Nazi Party leadership, the German High Command, the SS, SA, SD, reich cabnit, and the Gestapo)
  • Finally the verdict is in!

    the verdict is finally in and 11 of the 21 war criminals were sentanced to death, the other 10 either served jail time or were allowed to go free of all charges
  • Death Sentances carried out

    the war criminals that were sentanced to death were hung on this day with the exeption of Hermann Georing who commited suicide the day before his hanging.
  • Military Tribunals Begin

    Military tribunals begun to trial doctors and officials on their involvment in the war crimes and their inhumane experiments on not only german civillians but civillians of other countries.
  • Last Military Tribunal

    the final military tribuanals were called. in total 88 were trialed untill janurary 1951 where the trials were finally over