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Number the Stars

  • Surrender

    Denmark knew it didn't stand a chance against Germany so it surrendered.
  • Jewish Population

    There were 8,000 Jews living in Denmark when the Germans took over
  • Descendents

    Most Jews were descendents of Jews that immigrated to Denmark.
  • Concentration camps

    Concentration camps
    Jews were sent to concentration camps where they would be killed
  • Death

    Millions of Jews were killed in horrible ways, including being put in a shed full of toxic gas
  • Stop

    Annemarie, Ellen, and Kirsti were stopped and warned by German soldiers.
  • Button shop

    The buton shop gets closed because it was run by a Jew.
  • Safety

    While Ellens parents are taken to safety, she hides in annemarie and her families house.
  • Soldiers

    Soldiers come and search Annemaries house for Jewish people but are unsuccesful
  • Relatives house

    Annemarie, Elllen, and Annemaries mom go to a relatives house where its a bit safer
  • The trick

    Annemarie is told that her aunt died so her coffin came to her relatives house to trick the soldiers into thinking that there was a dead person in there when really it was full of clothes and food for Jewish people
  • Arrival

    Jews begin to come to the relatives house to get food and warm clothes for there journey to the safety of
  • Back to the house

    After giving her relative the hankercheif she goes back home to her mom and sister.
  • going home

    After spending a couple days at the relatives house they go home
  • Hankercheif

    One of the Jews was asked to give a package to the realative who was already at the dock waiting for them to come so that he could take them to Sweden. so when the Jew drops the package annemarie has to take it to the relative before the German soldiers and their dogs come to search the ship because what's inside the package is a hankercheif that has a scent put in it that ruins the dogs since of smell so that they can't sniffout the hidden passengers.
  • The war ends

    A couple years later the war finally ended
  • not home just yet

    Ellen and her family do not return home to denmark immediately
  • Told

    Annemaries parents tell her that her dead older sister, Lise, was part of the resistance and that she was ran over by a German truck several years ago.
  • Happy

    Everyone in Annemaries family was very happy