Nullification Crisis

  • Period: to

    Andre Jackson Prez

    finished with a plurality of the popular vote and the electoral vote, due to the Three-fifths Compromise. strengthened the power of the presidency, defended the Union, gained new respect for the United States in foreign affairs and pushed the country toward democracy
  • Tarrif Affects South

    Britain was importing less cotton, hurting the Southern economy. they felt it only benefited the industrialized north,This tariff benefited American producers of cloth — mostly in the north
  • Sends Military To SC

    Jackson sent seven small naval vessels and a man of war to Charleston in November 1832.openly defy the federal government but also to put up armed resistance and possibly secede
  • Sc FInds Tariffs Unfair

    it was perceived to put an unfair tax burden on the Southern agrarian states that imported most manufactured goods,expected that Jackson's election as president would result in a significant reduction of it
  • Refuse To Pay Taxes

    It was asserted that attempts to use force to collect the taxes would lead to the state's secession.Southern fears over the movement in the North for the abolition of slavery.