Novel Study

  • Engagement of Farah's Parents

    Farah's parents get engaged.
  • Family Moves to Kabul

    Farah's father decides to move to Kabul. Farah's grandparents accompany him and his wife.
  • Farah Is Born

    Farah is born in Kabul.
  • Farah Goes to School

    Farah turns six and goes to school.
  • Farah Steps on a Landmine

    Farah is late to school. She takes a shortcut through a field. She doesn't know that it is dangerous.
  • Farah Returns to Afghanistan

    After two years of recovering in a hospital in Germany, Farah returns home to Afghanistan.
  • Farah Loses Her Family

    Just a month after she returns, a rocket hits Farah's house and most of her family members die.
  • Farah Comes to America

    After years of trying to find their way, Farah and her mother come to America with the help of the World Aid Organization.