North Miami Beach History

  • Capt William H Fulford discovers NMB

    During the Spanish American war of 1881. Capt William H Fulford discovers the NMB area
  • Henry Flagler extends Railway into South Florida

    Small towns begin to grow around the railroad stops.
  • Lafe Allen purchases the land, and starts to build homes in the Fulford area.

    Lafe Allen is first realestate developer in NMB
  • Carl Fisher builds Miami Speedway.

    First race track for cars in NMB
  • Hurricane of 1926 destroys alot of the area.

    large Hurricane in 1926 causes alot of damage to NMB area.
  • Fulford is re-named North Miami Beach

    Fulford is officially re-named NMB
  • NMB City hall is built.

    New NMB City hall is built in 1936
  • Highway 826 is completed.

    First major highway 826 is built to make faster travel thru N.Miami
  • New Police station & Government center is built in NMB.

    New NMB police station & government center is built on 19th ave.