North Carolina & geolical timeline

  • Nov 22, 985

    Rodinia - mid-late Mesoproterozoic age

    Rocks were weathered together in a collision called the Greenville Orogeny, it formed Rodinia that would be called later in time the North Carolina/NC.The piece of crust was shoved against South American crust. This shattered and made the crust thick, burying it under 20,000 feet. tall mountains,
  • Rodinia Tries to break apart

    As rodinia begins to break apart, basins without vegetation form. they get filled by Rivers with sediment. magma came through the cracks. it fails
  • A 2nd Try

    magma injection is a process called bimodal magmatism (producing both basalt and granite. rocks) This pulse of bimodal magmatism was enough to finally put into motion the breaking in and permanent extinction of Rodinia.
  • While its Splits

    beach sands are in north carolina. A mid-ocean ridge Grinded out oceanic crust in the middle slowly widening the area in between the two main parts of Rodinia & Gondwana. As it widened. the North Carolina were pushed away from the edge by new crust and became geologically quiet.
  • Crash

    The edge of crust of the Carolinas was shoved beneath the wedge and the fragment and became a permanent part of the North Carolinas know as Appliachian
  • Forms

    Just like with Rodinia the crust Broke and stretched apart. breaking valleys formed there sins continued to form the Atlantic Ocean. Pangaea is now alive and well! She will continue to be so for another 100 million years or so as well.
  • Basins

    Rift basins formed up and down the east coast and almost 4,000 miles of oceanic crust was created by the divergent plate boundary in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. North Carolina's two basins, the Deep River basin and the Dan River basin, were both formed during the rbreaking of pangea and is visable today
  • Erosion

    as widdled the Applachain peaks, rivers formed sandy beaches, off shore barrier islands, and a sediment-draped rivers sidement eroded Applachian peaks to the end of their road and thus formed the above landforms.
  • Finale

    . We could, very easily, have brand new geography along the entire east coast in only 10-20 million years.