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Noam Chomsky

  • Born

    Noam Chomsky was born into a Jewish mid-class family on December 7, 1928, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
  • University of Pennsylvania

    University of Pennsylvania
    Chomsky attended the University of Pennsylvania but there was very little that attracted him to study here. After 2 years here he considered leaving the university. After meeting Zellig S. Harris a linguist who then taught him and advised him to study philosophy.
  • “Plato’s Problem”

    “Plato’s Problem”
    According to Chomsky, kids show rudimentary imagination from the initial words they use. With language, they seem to comprehend more than they have been taught or what would even be possible to teach. It has often been viewed that children absorb the concepts and language at inconceivable rapidity despite evidence and guidance in the initial years. The assumption is that a considerable amount of what they attain must be innate. This can be known as the dispute from the "poverty of the stimulus."
  • “Plato’s Problem” 2

    Chomsky, later on, referred to this as "Plato's problem." This was a reference to Plato's theory on how an untaught child can complete geometrical problems with some help but without any previous studying in any mathematics.
  • Period: to

    Philosophy of the Mind

    Language beginners obtain a capability to recognize, as structural or not, any of a possible infinity of sentences of their instinctive language. But they do this after introduction to only a minuscule part of the language, much of which is, in fact, grammatically wrong.
    Here is a short overview of Chomsky's theory.
  • Chomsky present

    Chomsky present
    Chomsky is still practicing and teaching at the age of 93 years old.