No Pretty Pictures, Sean Vorachard

Timeline created by Sean V.
  • The Arrival of the Germans

    The Arrival of the Germans
    Here, Anita is living at home alongside her family, until the Nazis arrive and hold them captive.
    This is a N. character development event, where Anita is first exposed to fear. Before the war, Anita was an innocent child.This event introduces her to the more sinister sides of the world, and she starts to question humanity.
    This relates to the theme of maturing and resilience. This is because when you grow up, you start knowing more, just like Anita with the Nazis. Yet she is staying strong.
  • Going into Hiding

    Going into Hiding
    After having their home taken, Anita and her family are forced to be on the run, and in hiding at different places, fake IDs.
    It is a turning point for her. In this time, she learns and adapts to the change. Her world is not as happy as she thought anymore, especially after witnessing the war and deaths.
    The theme relates to growing up and resilience again, because Anita here adapts to all her hardships. This is similar to people adapting to the drastic changes in their life as they grow up.
  • Captive at the Concentration Camps

    Captive at the Concentration Camps
    After years in hiding, Anita and her family are captured by the Nazis, and put in a concentration camp, where she is physically and mentally abused.
    This is a Anita's N. character development, as she is greatly strengthened yet in pain during this time. The unbearable conditions teaches her to stay strong and persevere, something she now possesses. Meanwhile, this abuse makes her more afraid of people.
    It connects to the theme of resilience, as she is able to cope her best to change.
  • Liberation and Rescue

    Liberation and Rescue
    After several months, the camp Anita was in was finally liberated by Americans, and she was relocated to a safer location.
    This is a turning point again for her, as she once again has faith in humanity. She knows that her resilience pays off eventually, and that if she did give in, she would not be alive.
    This connects to the resilience theme again, as having resilience got her through. The resilience gave her the will to go on, and to look to the future, and her wish came true.
  • Reunion with the Family

    Reunion with the Family
    After a year of recovery, Anita is reunited with most of her family. She and her family then celebrate, and move to New York.
    This is another turning point for Anita, as she has become wiser and more aware of everything around her, yet she regains most of her trust in people. She remains strong even after the war ends.
    This connects to resilience again as she is better able to cope with pain and change. She grows from her pain. Life as it is cannot change, we just have to change with it.