• Nirvana is born

    Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic form Grunge/Punk rock band "Nirvana". They start to play small gigs at local colleges.
  • Period: to

    Lifespan of Nirvana

  • Debut Album

    "Bleach" debuts and does relativley well, leading to a contract with Butch Vig.
  • Nirvana spreads

    Nirvana writes and releases several hit singles including the infamous "Smells like Teen Spirit". They also pick up a new drummer named, Dave Grohl.
  • Sales Explode

    Nevermind is released by the group and DCG signs them...the album would eventually sell 10 million copies.
  • Kurts Life Changes

    Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love have a healthy baby after Love admitted to drug use during pregnancy, a custody battle ensues.
  • Nirvana begins to spiral Out of Control

    Kurt Cobain overdoses on heroin, confirming the worries of the band and fans.
  • Kurt Can't stop

    Kurt Cobain Overdoses in a New York Hotel before show.
  • Things Start to turn around

    Nirvana releases "In Utero" which tops charts with hit, "Heart Shaped Box".
  • In the same old spiral

    Kurt Cobain overdoses again and goes into a 20 hour coma.
  • "Load up on guns"

    Kurt Cobain locks himself in his room threatening to shoot himself.
  • Rehab

    Kurt Cobain checks himself into a rehabilitation hospital. He would flee the hospital only two days later.
  • Nirvanas demise

    Kurt is found dead with a .20 gauge shotgun wound in his head, police say it was a suicide.
  • What happened to Dave

    Dave went on to have a successful music career with a new band, The Foo Fighters.
  • Krist takes the right path

    Krist Novoselic became an alcoholic after the death of Cobain, but eventually turned it around and became a political activist.