Nine Days - Toni Jordan

By shaybay
  • Francis

    Ch 5
    Recap: His father just died. While going to school, he was approached by bullies who asked him to join them. Kip gave up his education. When Francis came to join the gang, they made him the 'stealer' who would take the money while they distracted the old woman. He was ultimately beat up by them
  • Kip

    Ch 1. It is when the actual story 'began'.
    Recap: He left for work at the Hustings' farm, got the symbol of the shilling. Went home, which explained the family dynamic. Went to the butchers, money on the tab, and bumped into Annabel. On the way home, he was cornered by bullies (same as Francis), managed to get away. Played with Mrs Keith's undies, she left after this. Talk about money for F.W's education.
  • Jack

    Ch 3
    Came home from the farm that he lived at without his family
    Recap: uncomfortable with being home. danced along with Connie. Went out for a walk, asked why he hadn't gone to war by elder men. Came home, dinner with Emily. Went over to give lemons to Connie to see her; later heard of her most likely marriage to Mr Ward
  • Connie

    Ch 9
    Recap: Occurred just hours before Jack was set to leave for war. During the night she saw Jack and went up to him, they had sex. The next morning Connie and Kip went to go get pictures of the soldiers leaving for the Argus; Connie ended up kissing Jack, with Kip taking the picture - novel picture. Connie had hope for the future
  • Jean

    Ch 7 - the morning of Jack's death
    Recap: She woke up and prepared the twins' breakfast, supposed to be Connie's job. Found Connie outside, heard about the baby, was happy then mad when she said the father wouldn't help. Convinced Connie to get an abortion; while going home she realised Connie was bleeding a lot. Left her for a bit in order to get some help, came back to Connie dead (coming back and death isn't explicit - implies death)
  • Annabel

    Ch 6
    Recap: R/ship between her and her father was shown, revealed the family dynamics; mostly about her taking care of her father who always drinks. Reveals her r/ship with Francis - he gives the pendant to her but lies about the origin. Later is corrected to save his face. Francis and her fight, they break it off, Kip makes Annabel keep the pendant.
  • Charlotte

    Ch 4
    Recap: does yoga in the morning, works at an organic food store. Skipped her boyfriend's concert last night, he was salty. She feels unsettlled, figures she is pregnant. Stanzi gets her a pregnancy test, confirms the pregnancy. Goes to Uncle Francis' house to tell her family.
  • Stanzi

    Ch 2
    Recap: had a counselling appointment with Violet, exposes relationship with her own family, Loses her dad's (Kip) lucky shillling, goes to Violet's house thinking she stole it. Over there, Violet's dad asks whether Stanzi is acc a good counsellor and then Violet says that Stanzi is fat. Stanzi finds coin in her office, goes home and talks to her mum. Ultimately, she chooses to change her career and life.
  • Alec

    Ch 8
    Recap: Comes home after argument with mum, exposes family dynamic (no dad), family get together, he finds the tin box with the image of Connie and Jack kissing. Kip forgets this, so he goes to return it, on the way he bumps into his friends who invite him to go out, he begrudgingly turns it down. Spends a long time w/ g.parents, when he comes home, his mum is crying, he finds out a car had crashed with people in critical condition - people are his friends. Also realises how small his mum is