Nikola Tesla

  • Period: to


  • Born

  • Attends Primary School

    Nikola tesla goes to primary school and leanrs german. Meanwhile his brother dies
  • Contracts Cholera

    Our boy contracts cholera a deadly disease in this time. he was bedridden for 6 months and came near death almost ten times.
  • Attends a boarding school in graz.

    Nikola tesla attends a boarding school in graz.
  • Goes to work

    Nikola tesla in need of a job majoring in various areas of science goes to work for thomas eddison. another scientist.
  • Comes up with Wi-Fi

    Nikola Tesla comes up with the theory of wireless communication. The very thing im using now.
  • The concept of Wi-Fi is introduced

    Nikola tesla introduces the concept of wi-fi to the public. It's denounced but that doesnt stop him; need proof? Well no you dont because i'm using it now.
  • Makes Wi-Fi signals a reality

    Nikola tesla on this day puts his theory to the test and makes it a reality, using it to control a boat.
  • Exhibits Wi-Fi controlled boat.

    Nikola Tesla exhibits his wi-fi controlled boat to the public; showing it off at colleges.
  • Nikola partners up

    Nikola tesla partners up with the great J.P. Morgan
  • Rival Attacks!

    Tesla's rival Marconi beats him to the invention of the radio. But remember he still didnt beat him to the idea.
  • Money Problems!

    Nikola tesla is forced to have his lab demolished for money, as he is running on empty.
  • Nikola And the Turbine

    Nikola tests a steam turbine.
  • Tesla Goes Bankrupt!

  • Tesla turns 75

    Tesla turns 75 and is congratulated by many scientists including A. Einstein!
  • Nikola Tesla Dies!

    at the age of 87 nikola tesla sadly passes away.