• First Nike Shoe

    First Nike Shoe
    The first shoe sold to carry this design was a soccer shoe named Nike, which was released in the summer of 1971. In February 1972, BRS introduced its first line of Nike shoes,
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  • Swoosh Sign.

    Swoosh Sign.
    The Swoosh first shows up on the football/soccer cleat.
  • "Moon Shoe"

    "Moon Shoe"
    The first line of Nike footwear is introduced, including the so-called "Moon Shoe" that features a waffle sole, which is distributed to athletes competing in the US Olympic Track & Field.
  • First Nike Store

    The first Nike store opens downtown Portland. Nike opens its own headquarters.
  • Air Force 1

    Air Force 1
    The Air Force 1 basketball shoe becomes the first Nike court shoe to make use of the Air technology.
  • Air Jordan is born

    Air Jordan is born
    The best player wearing the best shoe! He wasnt known for the play, it was for the shoe, Michael Jordan(:
  • Niketown

    Niketown Los Angeles opens in Beverly Hills.
  • reuse-a-shoe

    They introduce this Reuse-A-Shoe, which collects athletic shoes, Then seperates and grinds them up into 'Nike grind'. The Nike grind makes up athletic courts and track and feilds.
  • Nike's Heritage

    Nike is the 20th centery footwear. Nike presided over historys earliest battlefeilds.
  • who Nike signed..

    NBA player LeBron James,
    Tennis Pro Rafael Nadal And,
    Tiger Woods.
  • Nike's up and downs.

    Nike acquires once-bankrupt rival Converse for $305 million on July 9. For the first time in the company's history, international sales exceed USA sales.
    Nike is again (also in 1994) named "Advertiser of the Year" by the Cannes Advertising Festival..
  • Nike and Apple Combined.

    The NIKE +. It changed the way people can run and stay in shape by allowing a sensor in your shoe that can be hooked up to your iPod to record how far you run, being able to set up goals for your run, and seeing how many calories you have burned.