Nicole - Timeline

  • Soviet/German nonagression pact

    Soviet dicator Joseph Stalin signed a ten year nonagression pact. In a secret part of the pact Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to divide Poland between them, Also agreed that the USSR could take over FInland, and the Baltic countries.
  • Germany Lightning Attack

    A surprise attack to conquer Poland. At the same time German aircraft and artillery began a merciless bombing of Polands Capitol, Warsaw. France and Great Britian declared war on Germany.
  • The Soviets make their move.

    Stalin sent Soviet troops to occupy the eastern half of Poland. Stalin than moved to annex countries to north of Poland.Than he sent troops to Finland they were outnumbered by 1940 they had forced the Finns to accept his surrendered terms. It moblized armies.
  • British Forces Retreat

    British Forces Retreat
    Hitler sent a crack German tank force, british forces retreated east to oTobrik,Lybia. Rommel regrouped pushed the british back across the dessert it was a shattering loss for the allies.
  • Hitler launches a surprise invasion

    Hitler launches a surprise invasion
    Hitler launched a surprise invasion of Denmark and Norway. Denmark fell, Norway surrendered as well. Germans began to build bases along Norwegian and Danish coasts from which they can strike Great Britian.
  • Hitler strikes France

    Hitler strikes France
    Hitler began a dramatic sweep through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, part of the strategy to strike at France. The Germans went through the Maginiot line, From there they moved across France and reached the countrys northern coast in 10 days.
  • Battle for Britian

    Battle for Britian
    Germanys began bombing Great Britian it contuined until May 10, 1941. Hitler decided to call off his attacks, he focused on Mediterrans and eastern europe. It taught the allies that Hitlers attack can be blocked.
  • Rescue in Dunkirk

    Rescue in Dunkirk
    Germans had trapped the Allies forces around the northern French city of Lille. Great Britian set out to rescue the army. The boat carried some 338,000 soilders to safety.
  • France Falls

    France Falls
    France began to crumble. By june 14 germans had taken Paris. French leaders surrendered. The Germans took control of the northern part of the country. They left the southern part to a puppet government.
  • The Radar

    The Radar
    This technological device helped, the Radar could tell the number, speed and direction of incoming warplane.
  • Mussolini

    Mussolini ordered his army to attack British- controlled egypt. Italian groups had pushed back 60 miles inside egyp. Forcing British units back
  • Germans Give up daylight raids.

    Germans Give up daylight raids.
    They gave up daylight raids in favor of night bombin. Leading to the battle of Britian.
  • Hitler plans to invade the Soviet Union

    Hitler plans to invade the Soviet Union
    Hitler planned to invade the soviet union. German bombs destroyed warehouse were food was stored. Nearly one million people died in Leningrad. Hitler than looked at Moscow, he held the line against the soviets until march. Hitler advance gained nothing but the cost of 500,000 German lives.
  • The Atlantic Charter

    The Atlantic Charter
    Roosevelt and Churchill met secretly and issued a joint declartion called Atlantic Charter- it upheld free trade among nations and the right of people to choose their goverment.
  • U.S declares war

    U.S declares war
    A german V-boat fired on a U.S destroyer in the atlantic. In result Roosevelt ordered Navy commanders to shoot German submarines on sight. The U.S was now involved in an underclared war.