Nikola Tesla

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    Nikola Tesla's Life

  • The AC Motor

    The AC was a breakthrough and it could power more cities at the cost of less.The thought of an AC current motor was unorthodox for the time but soon became the symbol of modern electricity.
  • New York

    Tesla wanted to meet Edison and explain his ideas, but Edison turned Tesla's idea of an AC motor down causing Tesla to "go to war with Edison" because of their different beliefs.
  • The X-ray

    Although it was destroyed in a fire, he did find some negative effects of the x-ray before it was burned so then people in the future knew the dangers of the x-ray. The x-ray was able to see through soft objects to see the hard thing inside.
  • The Burning Down Of His Lab

    A fire started in the basement and rose up quickly to destroy the floors up to the fourth floor. The reason for the fire is unknown. It destroyed many of his inventions and inventions in progress.
  • Remote Control Boat

    The remote control boat looked a bit like a modern day submarine, a remote control would send radio signals to turn and maneuver. It was an important invention because it showed the people what wireless power could do.
  • Wireless Comunication

    The wireless communication system was a step up and was a good foundation for modern communication because it was able to send messages to people that were really far away. It was kind of like a mix between using telephone poles and currents that went through the earth and would save lots of energy.