Nicaragua 1979

  • Anasta Somoza

    Anastaio Somoza Debayle resigned handed over power to Urcuyo and fled to Miami. After President Somoza left Nicaragua in 1979, many members of the National Guard also fled the country, seeking asylum in neighboring countries, particularly in Hondures and Guatemala. Others turn themselves into the new authorities after the FSLN took power, on promises of amnesty. They were subsequently tried and many served jail terms.
  • Sandinistas Take Over

    The Sandinistas take power. They soon declare a state of emergency an expriopriate land and businesses owned in the legislature; organzied peasents and workers into Civil Defense Committee; and declared that elections are unneccessary because the FSLN made the decisions. This promoted critism from the Catholic Church and business interest and the Sandinistas arrested descendents.
  • Juanta Arrives in Leon

    The five membered Junta arrived in the city Leon a day after Somoza's departure on July 18th.
  • FSLN Enters Managua

    The FSLN army entered Managua, coulminating the Nicaraguan Revolution. The insurrection left approzimately 50,000 dead and 150,000 Nicaraguans in exhile.
  • Juanta Assumes Power

    The five member Junta entered the Nicaraguan capital and assumed power.
  • FSLN Passes Decrees

    FSLN Passes Decrees
    The FSLN passes 3 decrees limiting the freedom of the press and politcal organizing.
  • Carter Releases Aid

    Carter releases reaming aid that is due to Nicaragua.