NHL Lockout

By brheydt
  • Negotiations begin for new CBA

    NHL and NHLPA meet for the first time to negotiate new CBA
  • NHL makes first offer requiring a reduction in hockey-related revenues

    revenues would be cut from 57% to 46% for the players
  • After NHLPA declines offer, more meetings occur

    meetings that were said to be encouraging by both sides
  • NHLPA makes a counter offer

    offer involving less hockey-related revenue however it would grow over the next for years. In addition, the salary cap would be raised
  • NHL rejects offer

  • Period: to

    Negotiations are put on hold

  • NHL officially announces lockout

    Pre-season games begin to be cancelled
  • Opening day of 2012-13 season is cancelled

    without a CBA deal in place, the league must start cancelling games
  • NHL offers new 50/50 deal

    Offer is said to be a straight 50/50 split of all hockey-related revenues
  • Deal is denied

    NHLPA refuses deal
  • Winter Classic cancelled

    the 2012-13 Winter Classic, which was set to take place at Michigan University on new years day, is cancelled. The Winter Classic has been known to be the "cash cow" of an NHL season. Without it, players begin to wonder if there will be a season at all.