Newton Scott

  • First man down

    First man down
    One of Capt. Nobles good beloved men died, four of the other Nobles and four of our men carried his remains home. His name was Taylor.
  • Period: to

    The Life of the Brave Solider Newton Scott

  • Finding Quarters

    Finding Quarters
    Back in Keokuk they left some of their men in the hospitals, they started their travels on the 24th and arrived on the 26th. They marched through a village in St. Louis and found a good spot to set up quarters.
  • Long Travles

    Long Travles
    They left Helena on Feb. 24th and have been on a boat ever since the, they are 6 days in, and 18 miles through the Yazoo Pass. They took over $100,000 worth of cotton.
  • Fired at!!

    Fired at!!
    They have gotten fired at many times by the Gurillias, two of their Co. sergeants were slightly wounded and D.P Bay was shot in the shoulder. Thomas Nichol was shot in the cheek and the bullet had to be removed. This would be hard for anyone to see happen and for anyone to go through.
  • New And Easier Duties.

    New And Easier Duties.
    They have arrived at a new destination, Newton has new duties and they are much easier here they then have been anywhere else. He does not have the duties of a private soldier anymore, he is off guard duty and he got a promotion picture taken. He got his picture taken and sent it home to his friend Hannah.
  • Commander Officer was Killed

    Commander Officer was Killed
    960 prisoners went up the river about 2 hours with 3 cols, and 4 other feild officers. There are well over 400 wounded in town, and the cheife commander was killed.
  • More men are dying!

    More men are dying!
    Will homes died on the 15th of July. President Will P. went onto a foraging expedition. He was gone for 6 days, and while he was gone Newton saw a spy. He was caught and arrested, then sentenced to death later he was hung by the neck and executed.
  • Little Rock Arkansas

    Little Rock Arkansas
    They are now in Little Rock Arkansas, Newton will resume hid duty on the 13th. . Newton has lost many of his men and even men higher then him.
  • Drowned

    Carhart was drowned on the 1st, Newton has seen may people die, if anything seeing this will make you a stronger person or give you serious ptsd.
  • St.Charles Arkansas

    St.Charles Arkansas
    All of their prisoners have been exchanged, 10 more of their Commanding officers died.
  • Trying to Make it Home

    Trying to Make it Home
    Newton doesn't have much faith that he will arrive home before the next 2-3 Months, He wrote to his parents and he bought whiskey for 1.00. Prices in the earlier years were extremely low compared to now. Newton has also started to do his own doctoring.
  • Leaving for home soon!

    Leaving for home soon!
    Newton was given orders to make out rolls, he gets paid 6.00 a roll. 25 of the CO. will take guns home but not Newton for he has no use for a gun back home. They are getting on a mailboat in the morning and leaving for home in about 10 days.