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New Yorks Draft Riots

By StevenX
  • Fernando wood is elected by the irish gangs

    Fernando wood is elected by the irish gangs
    Wood continued the efforts of his predecessor Mayor Jacob A. Westervelt to fight the massive corruption of the force (cops)
  • Irish start coming

    Irish start coming
    there fleeing famine in ireland and they were met with racism they were earning less than the black labour force
  • Bill poole dies

    Bill poole dies
    William "Bill" Poole AKA "Bill The Butcher" was the leader of the political movement to get the irish out of new york (Know Nothings) he was a butcher he was a fire marshall he was a bear knuckell boxer he ran liquor he died of a gunshot and lengendarily expired say "GOODBYE BOYS I DIE A TRUE AMERICAN" his funeral was the biggest party ever
  • The Professinal police force is formed

    The Professinal police force is formed
    when the police were first formed they were jeered for looking like london bobbies so they went to wearing the sign of there profession by small copper badges thats how they got the term coppers or cops started
  • Period: to

    the time of the riot and leading up to it

  • Fernando Wood is removed from office

    wood was kicked out of office because things were so corrupt
  • William Tweed and Tammany take over

    William Tweed and Tammany take over
    Tammany Hall was a polical democrat machine that controlled new york William "Boss" Marcy Tweed was the leader and took corruption to a new level
  • Metropolitan Police department goes to work

    the whole shabangAfter Wood got kicked out and Tweed took over NY. NY got a new Police Department however, the first, called Municipal was still at work the new Mertopolitain was also at work so it was headless and tailess for awile they ran along side each other fighting each other releasing each others prisioners which is why its so violent in new york if someone got arrested the other police would get them out
  • Conscription act is put to action

    the conscription act was a draft act that called for 200,000 men for the Civil War
  • The first day of the Draft

    overlooka group of 500 people led by the black joke fire comapany attacked the draft office and burned it to the ground meanwhile at the Bulls head hotel was burned down because it refused to serve drinks along with the mayors house and both police stations they tried to attack the newpaper the Tribune the paper that threw the most support behind the civil war however they were quickly drawn back due to staff having gatling guns black people were targeted they were linched and a black orphanage was burn
  • The second day

    it rained the first night which might the have saved New York from burning down they continued the next day commerce was halted some even joined the riot they started burning houses of notable republicans even activist Abby Hopper Gibbions among others were burned th govener gave a speech at the city hall chared remains at least say the conscription act was unconstiutional General wool came and brought 800 armed troops from west point and fresh from gettysberg
  • Day 3

    Things improved when some of the rioters went home some of the soldiers got alot harsher on remaining mobs
  • Day 4: Order Restored

    click here for the final dayafter a peaceful rally of 5,000 at Old St. Patrick's Cathedral to hear Archbishop Hughes, The New York State militia units were the first to arrive. By July 16, there were several thousand Federal troops in the city. A final confrontation occurred on Thursday evening near Gramercy Park. According to Adrian Cook's analysis in his Armies of the Streets, twelve people died on the last day of the riots in skirmishes between rioters and the police and the army, including one African-American,
  • aftermath

    the total cause and effects120-2,000 killed
    2,000-8,000 wounded
    Tweed pushed threw a low interest policy to help the poor pay of of the draft a orphan asylum was burned only one child died