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  • Puritans in America

    Puritans in America
    The Puritans came to America looking for religious freedom because they believed that the Anglican Church had too many Catholic ceremonies. But religious freedom for them was only acceptable if you were a Puritan. Which lead the Puritans to be close minded and look down upon those with other beliefs.
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    King Philip's War

    King Philip's War is known as the Native Americans last great attempt to drive out the English. This attempt lead to the destruction of twelve frontier towns. Although it is hard to pinpoint the exact reason for the rebellion but, one of the reasons may be the fact that the Natives were tired of being dependent on the English.
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    Salem Witch Trials

    The Salem Witch Trials was a series of hearings of accused witches. The first accused witch was a woman named Tituba, and she was accused of teaching kids witchcraft. The last person to be accused was the governors wife. This accusation lead him to end the trials and pardon the accused.
  • Fort Duquesne

    Fort Duquesne
    Fort Duquesne Was a French Fort used to keep the British out of the Ohio River Valley. This location was attacked by George Washington and his men in 1754
  • George Washington leads his troops into battle

    George Washington leads his troops into battle
    Robert Dinwiddie, British governor of Virginia, entrusted a young George Washington with the task of leading troops to evict the French from the Ohio River Valley.
    Washington’s men defeated a small French force but they ultimately had to surrender because of a French counterattack. This defeat served as the catalyst for the French and Indian war.
  • Treaty of Paris (1763)

    Treaty of Paris (1763)
    The signing of the Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian War with a British victory. The British gained Canada and everything east of the Mississippi River, effectively driving out the French.
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    British Tax

    Parliament found it necessary to tax the colonies because of Britain's support of them during the French and Indian War.
  • Sons of Liberty

    Sons of Liberty
    A group created to oppose British tax. They were involved in many protest and they are notorious for using violence.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    After the Tea Act disgruntled Bostoners dumped British tea as an act of rebellion against the Crown. This event lead to the Intolerable Acts.
  • Adams becomes president

    Adams becomes the president in 1796. This presidency is important for many reasons. The first being he is the first president that has to deal with a divided nation due to political parties. The second reason is he the first president with a vice president, which happens to be apart of the opposite party. The last reason is that he has to live up to or surpass the first and greatest president at George Washington.
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    XYZ Affair

    The XYZ Affair is when French Officials demanded 250,000 dollars from Adams. Instead of complying Jefferson decided to negotiate, which in turn puts him out of favor with his own party.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts

    The Alien and Sedition Acts were a series of Acts that made criticism of the government criminal and allowed the government to deport immigrants that opposed the government.These Acts were put in place but Adams as a response to the XYZ Affair and the current tensions with Britain and France
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    Industrial Revolution

    The industrial revolution was a time period in America when business was booming. It started in Massachusetts with Samuel Slater. It changed the working class to move from working for their own price to working for an employer and for wages.
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    Barbary War

    The Barbary states of Africa raided U.S. ships and forced sailors in slavery. The previous presidents dealt with this by paying the pirates off. But, Jefferson didn't pay them off but proceeded to blocked the port off.
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    Transportation Revolution

    During this period America decided to invest in ways to get goods and people across the country by means of roads, trains, and steamboats. Before this Americans would rather trade with Europe than their own country because it was cheaper
  • Louisiana Purchase

    President Jefferson buys the Louisiana Territory from France. In the long run this is a great purchase but in the moment it was a pricey investment.
  • British Impressment

    The British forced American sailors to help them fight the French. The British attempted to justify this by making all British born people British citizens for life, even though they also captured American born people as well. Jefferson tried to retaliate with an embargo that eventually backfired.
  • Tariff Of 1816

    This tariff was designed to protect American industry. This price increased goods by an average of 20 to 25 percent. This encouraged the purchase of American goods but it ultimately hurt farmers.
  • Introduction Of the American System

    A Federal System of Government that was proposed by Henry Clay that increased national pride within the country, He did this by proposing roads and other such systems that would, "tie the country together as a whole."
  • Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise came up with system for new states when it came to slave states and free states. The reason it became a point of contention wasn't primarily because of the morality of slavery but because of the 3/5 compromise which could give the south more power in Congress. In the end this increased resentment between the North and South.