Nevada History

By 12edgit
  • First Residents

    First Residents
    Native Americans were the first to settle in Nevada. Paiutes, Shoshoes, and Washo's were the major tribes living there
  • Silver

    The richest known U.S silver deposit found silver in Nevada which made Nevada the most populated state around. People had been looking for silver before this and it just so happened this man already rich found silver in Nevada and Nevada was then added to the U.S
  • Battle Born State

    Battle Born State
    Utah and Nevada were in a war of separation. Nevada wanted to be a lonley state and not have to live under Utahs rules as a combined states. t south states seceded and congress gave nevada a bill to separate Nevada territory
  • Outlawing gambling

    Outlawing gambling
    Nevada legislature banded gambling. People were losing all their money on gambling. It hurt Las Vegas because they lost money from people not spending their money on their machines.
  • Tule Duck

    Tule Duck
    Archeologists were excavating at Lovelock Cave when they came upon the Duck. Decoys were made and put in museums around the world.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    Nevada wasn't really hit by the Great Depression because Nevada wasnt an industrial state at the time of the Great Depression