Nesta Robert Marley

By RAW016
  • Birth of a legend, Bob Marley

    Birth of a legend, Bob Marley
    Nesta Robert Marley is born in the parish of St Ann, Jamaica.
  • Period: to

    Bob Marley

  • Marley's singing debut

    Marley's singing debut
    Bob made his singing debut at a Queens Theatre talent show where he won a pound (roughly five dollars).
  • Marley's first band

    Marley's first band
    Bob Marley forms a band called The Wailers with Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh.
  • Wailers' songs top charts and Marley finds love

    Wailers' songs top charts and Marley finds love
    On the Jamaican record charts, 5 of the top 10 songs are by The Wailers. Marley starts a romance with singer Rita Anderson.
  • Marriage, new religion and a record label

    Marriage, new religion and a record label
    Marley and Anderson are married. Marley and The Wailers convert to a religion called Rastafari. They also establish Wail'N Soul'M record label.
  • Record label fails and the Marleys return home

    Wail'N Soul'M label fails and Marley and his wife return home to Nine Mile.
  • Marley writes and records

    Marley writes and records
    Marley writes and records for singer Johnny Nash. He is making connections with many important artists.
  • The Wailers sign a recording contract

    The Wailers sign a contract with Island Records in Great Britain.
  • The first true reggae album

    Island Records releases The Wailers first true reggae album called "Catch a Fire".
  • The Wailers tour and then break up

    The Wailers tour Great Britain and the United States. They record their second album called Burnin'. After this, Livingston and Tosh leave the group.
  • Some songs banned, an assassination attempt and a move to London and Miami.

    Four songs from Marley's new album are banned by the Jamaican goverment. There is an assassination attempt on Marley. Marley leaves Jamaica to live in London and Miami.
  • Album on charts over a year and Marley's cancer discovered

    The album Exodus is released and is on the British charts for 56 weeks. Cancer is discovered in Marley's toe.
  • Receives Third World Peace Medal

    Marley receives the Third World Peace Medal from the African delegations to the United Nations.
  • Record crowds at world tour. Then Marley collapes. Plays his last concert in Pittsburgh

    Marley has record crowds on his world tour. He collapses in New York. It is discovered that the cancer has spread through his body. He plays his last concert in Pittsburgh.
  • Marley dies

    Bob Marley died in Miami. His last words to his wife were, 'Forget crying, Rita! Just keep singing."