Nelson Mandela

By weeps63
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    Nelson Mandela

  • He was born

    Nelson Mandela was born in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.
  • Nelsons father loses land

    Nelsons father loses land
    A man comes and takes nelsons fathers land from him.
  • Attends school

    Attends primary school near Qunu. A teacher gives him the name Nelson.
  • Attends meetings

    Nelson begins to attend African National Congress (ANC) meetings informally.
  • ANC

    Nelson Mandela joins the African National Congress as an activist.
  • Elected president

    Nelson is elected President of the ANCYL.
  • Treason?

    Nelson Mandela was accused of cospiring to overthrow the South African government he was charged with treason but it was never proved.
  • Family

    Nelson gets married to Nomzamo "Winnie" Madikizela, a social worker, and the couple have two children. Their marriage ended in separation in April 1992 and divorce in March 1996.
  • Call To Arms

    Nelson issues a call to arms and becomes the ANC leader of the newly formed Umkhontoat guerrilla movement at the All-In African Conference.
  • Leaves Country

    Nelson leaves the country for military training and to garner support for the ANC.
  • Caught

    Nelson was arrested after living on the run for seventeen months and was imprisoned in the Johannesburg Fort.
  • Prison!!!

    Nelson Mandela and eight other accused members were sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Tuberculosis

    Nelson is admitted to Tygerberg Hospital and is diagnosed with Tuberculosis.
  • Released

    In 1991 Nelson Mandela was released from prison after spending 27 years in a smalll confined cell.
  • Award

    In December 1993 Nelson Mandela was awarded the nobel PIece Prize.
  • South Africa Constitution

    South Africa Constitution
    Nelson Mandela decides to sighn the new constitution of South Africa.
  • Presidency

    Free Elections where black South Africans are allowed to vote for the first time. Nelson Mandela runs for President
  • Geneva Accords

    Geneva Accords
    Nelson Mandela participated in the sighning of the Geneva Accords for Peace in the Middle East.
  • Retires

    Nelson declares that he is retiring at the age of 85.
  • Sick

    Nelson Mandela spent three weeks in the hospital to recover from a lung infection. His longest stay in an area since he was released from prison.