Ned Kelly

  • Red Kelly

    Red Kelly transported from Ireland to Australia
  • Period: to

    Ned Kelly

  • Legend Born

  • Local Hero

    Saved Dick Shelton's life from drowning and was awarded with a Green Sash which is 2 metres long with a gold thread trim.
  • Red's End

    Ned's father dies. Ned takes the role of the head of the family.
  • Brushing with the Law

    Ned accused of stealing a horse though it was mentioned in the Newspaper at the time, Ned was dismissed
  • Skill in Horseplay

    Ned developed a love of horses and became known around where he lived for his ability in trick riding horses.
  • Violent Assault

    First jail sentence from November to March 1871
  • Fence

    Ned's second jail sentence for receiving a stolen horse unknowingly from Wild Wright.
    Jail sentence : August 1871 to February 1874
  • Juvenile Bushranger

    Ned and his teacher, Harry Power specialise in highway robbery and earn a living.
  • Home Free

    Ned is released from 3 year jail sentence to find his world has changed.
  • The Honest Years

    Ned after being released is determined to become a honest man and not to go back to jail ever again.
  • Wholesale and Retail

    By the beginning of 1877 Ned had given tree felling and bullock driving and had instead taken up Wholesale and Retail Horse and Cattle Dealing ; Ned's joke of Horse and Cattle Theft.
  • Constable Fitzpatrick

    Constable Fitzpatrick had an issue to arrest Dan for a theft that happened 6 months earlier.

    This ordeal ended in Fitzpatrick having a shot wrist and bruises. No one knew the true story but Constable Fitzpatrick had accused Ned's Mum.