natural gas

  • Jan 1, 1000

    ancient greeks discover natural gas

    aproximatley 1000 b.c. the greeks discover natrual gas escaping from caverns
  • Jan 1, 1500

    the chinese harness natrual gas

    roughly 500 b.c. the chinsese use natural gas by filtering it into a glass and lighting it on fire as a latern
  • the french see native americans using flares

    french explorers saw native americans lighting escapeing gas from the ground
  • natural gas made from coal is used in houses for heat

    natrual gas was first industrialized in england
  • The USA commercializes natrual gas lamps

    baltimore and maryland are lit with gas lamps
  • the first well dug specfically for natural gas is dug

    in fredonia new york a well is dug to harvest natural gas for lamps
  • natural gas is mined for the first time

    colonel edwin drake finds natural gas in an oil well
  • natural gas is used in the bunsen burner

    the bunsen burner invented by robert bunsen the basis for gas based stoves
  • the us government regulates natural gas production

    the market had limits put on it as 1821, the first well specifically intended to obtain natural gas was dug in Fredoniaery few companies harvest it and there is a high demand for natural gas
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