natural disasters

  • Jan 23, 1556

    Shaanxis Earthquakes

    Shaanxis Earthquakes
    This Earthquake took place in 1556 so there not much about it except it was very very bad and leveled almost everything.
  • Lisbon Portugal Tsunami

    Lisbon Portugal Tsunami
    A magnitude of 8.5 caused 3 big waves to strike a whole bunch of towns destroying them all.
  • Krakatua, Indonesia volcanoe eruptions

    Krakatua, Indonesia volcanoe eruptions
  • Monte del Ruiz, Columbia volcano eruptions

    Monte del Ruiz, Columbia volcano eruptions
    One of the most deadliest eruptions ever.
  • 1920 Haiyuan earthquake

    1920 Haiyuan earthquake
    This earthquake was held in China, causing 273,407 over 73,000 people to be killed in just one area, this earthquake is one of worst of all time.
  • Great Kanto Earthquake

    Great Kanto Earthquake
    also called great Tokyo earthquake it recorded magnitude of 8.2.
  • Tri state tornado US

    Tri state tornado US
    Tri-state tornado is different then others most are a family of tornadoes this one was just one. But its still destroyed more then nearly 10 towns the path length of 219Km destroyed.
  • Valdivia Earthquake

    Valdivia Earthquake
    This earthquake struck Chile in1960and was recorded as one of the deadliest earth of all time, it almost injured 3000 and killed around 1600 people.
  • 1974 superoutbreak

    1974 superoutbreak
    The 1974 outbreak was the second-largest tornado in 24 hours of time, just behind the 2011 outbreak. this took place in the US and CAN killing around 314 people.
  • 1976 Tangshan earthquake

    1976 Tangshan earthquake
    This tornado only lasted 23 seconds and leveled 90% of Tangshan's buildings.
  • Daultipur and saturia

    Daultipur and saturia
    This is the most deadliest Tornado ever in world history this storm destroyed nearly everything except a few trees.
  • Indian ocean earthquake

    Indian ocean earthquake
    The Indian Ocean saw a devastating earthquake-tsunami turning into an earthquake destroying the coast of Indonesia it recorded a magnitude of 9.1 the record book.
  • Sumatra, Indonesia Tsunami

    Sumatra, Indonesia Tsunami
    The Tsunami had a 9.1 magnitude
  • Kashmir Earthquke

    Kashmir Earthquke
    The Azad Kashmir struck on October 8, 2005 killing around 86000 people leaving a lot of people homeless.
  • Haiti Earthquake

    Haiti Earthquake
    The strongest Earthquake in over 200 years in that region on January 12, 2010, over 300,000 lost there lives.
  • tohuko Earthquake

    tohuko Earthquake
    This earthquake in Japan took place in 2011 known as the great east Japan Earthquake which caused over 18000 fatalities.
  • North, pacific, coast Japan Tsunami

    North, pacific, coast Japan Tsunami
    This Tsunami killed around 18,000 people travelling at a 800km per hour with 10m high waves.
  • Taal Volcano

    Taal Volcano
    This eruption killed 39 people.
  • 2020 easter tornado outbreak

    2020 easter tornado outbreak
    A widespread of tornado affect lots of southeastern part of the United states on easter Sunday and Monday 12-13 of 2020. Several tornadoes prompted tornado emergencies.
  • Turkey-syria Earthquake

    Turkey-syria Earthquake
    central turkey was hit by a earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 killing multiple of thousands of people.
  • kīlauae volcano

    kīlauae volcano
    It is active right at this moment.