natural disasters

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    mount etna Itialy

    The most violent historical eruption, however, was in 1669 (March 11–July 15), when about 990 million cubic yards (830 million cubic metres) of lava were thrown out.
  • mount fuji, japan

    There were no lava flows with this eruption but 800 million cubic meters of ash was released. The eruption itself was ranked as a VEI 5 (Volcano Explosivity Index)
  • libson

    the libson volcano erupted in the city of port, killing around 60,000 people, and ruining a large part of the city
  • mauna loa

    lasted 23 days, no life's lost ruined millions of buildings
  • sumatran

    sumatran tsunami was in 2004 and killed over 225,000 people across many countries Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, and Thailand taking it the hardest
  • tohoku

    the tohoku tsunami killed around 20,000 people and was 130 feet tall, ruining many homes leaving lots homeless
  • pico de fogo, cape verde

    in 2014 the volcano erupted, no life's were lost but it shot out lots of lava and gases