Natural Disasters

  • 526

    Antioch Earthquake

    Large Earthquake that killed about 250,000 people. Following the Earthquake was a fire that destroyed most of the remaining buildings.
  • Jan 23, 1556

    Shaanxi Earthquake

    Deadliest earthquake on record. Killed about 830,000 people.
  • Calcutta Cyclone

    Killed 300,000 people. Was originally believed to be an earthquake but was later decided to be a cyclone.
  • India Cyclone

    Killed about 300,000 people. The survivors of the cyclone never fully rebuilt the city.
  • Yellow River Flood

    Floods on the Yellow River that began in September. Killed about 900,000 people
  • Haiyuan Earthquake

    Recorded having a magnitude of 7.8. Killed about 273,400 people.
  • China Floods

    Series of floods that took place in late July and early August. Killed about 2,000,000 people.
  • Bhola Cyclone

    Tropical Cyclone that struck east Pakistan. Killed about 500,000 people.
  • Tangshan Earthquake

    Know as the Great Tangshan Earthquake. Killed about 242,000-600,000 people.
  • Indian Ocean Earthquake

    Caused a large Tsunami. Killed 280,000 people.