Natural Disasters

  • 79

    Mt. Vesuvius Eruption

    Mt. Vesuvius Eruption
    -Destroyed Pompeii
    -Was so fast that the victims were preserved doing their normal everyday activities.
  • Lisbon-Tsunami

    -Wave height of Tsunami was 6 meters
    -Lisbon is in Western Iberian Peninsula
    -Boats with refugees capsized and sunk
  • Mt. Tambora

    Mt. Tambora
    -Happened in Indonesia on the northern coast of Sumbawa Island
    -Most destructive explosion
  • Krakatoa

    -Heard in Batavia 100 miles away from the eruption
    -Happened in Indonesia
  • Ecuador-Earthquake

    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 8.8
    -Triggered Tsunami that caused 500 casualties
  • Assam-Tibet-(-Earthquake)

    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 8.6
    -Largest earthquake recorded on land
  • Kamchatka-Earthquake

    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 9.0
    -Originally marked as an 8.2, however changed to the current 9.0
  • Valdiva-earthquake

    -Epicenter of the earthquake was near Lumaco or Canete
    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 9.5
  • Alaska-Earthquake

    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 9.2
    -Caused the earth to ring similar to a bell
  • Rat Islands-Earthquake

    Rat Islands-Earthquake
    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 8.7
    -Caused a 600km long rupture along the boundary of a plate
  • Mt. St. Helens

    Mt. St. Helens
    -Resulted in a high speed blast
    -The eruption destroyed many natural objects, such as: Trees
  • Sumatra-Earthquake

    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 9.1
    -Triggered a Tsunami that killed 230 000
  • Sumatra-Tsunami

    -As tall as 50 meters
    -Sumatra is in the Malay Archipelago
  • Maule, Chile-Earthquake

    Maule, Chile-Earthquake
    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 8.8
    -500 deaths were caused by this earthquake
  • Japan-Tsunami

    -Wave height of Japan Tsunami was 10m
    -Happened in the North Pacific Coast
  • Tohoku-Earthquake

    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 9.1
    -Happened in Tohoku, Japan
  • Indian Ocean-Earthquakes

    Indian Ocean-Earthquakes
    -Magnitude on Richter scale: 8.6-8.2
    -These earthquakes were undersea and happened near the city of Aceh