Battle of little big horn

native american timeline

By porrker
  • Battle Of Sand Creek

    Battle Of Sand Creek
    the government of colorado attacked a peace campagne killing 150-500 people. it was at sand creek. after this many cheyenne moved to reservations
  • Red River War

    Red River War
    Southern plains indians relocated to Oklahoma Indian territory under 1867 treaty of medicine lodge. The US did not obey the treaty. This caused conflict 38 hunters held off 300 indians at the Adobe Walls post.
  • The Battle Of Little Big Horn

    The Battle Of Little Big Horn
    The sioux of the northern plains powerfully resisted white expansion. after a few years of peace, whiteman discovered gold in the area. they offered to buy the land while two sioux chiefs were at reservations. The indians round up 2000 soldiers. the biggest indian army. The battle of little bighorn stunned americans when the indians beat the whites
  • Nez Perce war

    Nez Perce war
    Nes Perce was ordered to idaho reservation. violence erupted. josephs 200 warriors hold off some 2000 soldiers for the women and childrin. after being halted 40 miles away from canada, they were sent to indian territory, many die of disease.
  • The Battle Of Wounded Knee

    The Battle Of Wounded Knee
    As indians were doing a 'Ghost Dance', one of their rituals, somone reported to the government "...we need protection and w eneed it now". hopeing to calm the crisis indian police officers tried to arrest sitting bull. When he hesitated, the officers shot and killed him. they then massacred more than 200 indians.