Naomi Smith

  • Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro

    Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro
    Geronimo Stilton is forced to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his lad Bruce and he is works out more than geronimo.He lives and everybody thought they would die.
  • Period: to

    Year 6 Mahora School

  • Ramona and her father

    Ramona and her father
    A little second grader has a dad and he losees his job and Ramona thinks about going on to a Tv commerical to earn money.Her Dad gos to talk to her teacher.
  • Jack Stalwart The escape of the deadly Dinosaur

    Jack  Stalwart  The  escape  of  the  deadly  Dinosaur
    He just got a mysterious package while he was doing his homework at 7:15 P.M.He is a 9 year old secret agent who works for GPF and has a globe called whizzy and he spins around and shots out a jigsaw puzzle pieces to tell Jack where his next misson is at.
  • The Dream Master

    The  Dream  Master
    A boy named Cy has a dream about Ancient Egypt and tries to dream it up again.
  • Blackthorn / Becoming a forest warrior Book 1

    Blackthorn / Becoming a forest warrior Book 1
    A girl named Alyana runs away from her Uncle's house after the death of her father who lived in the forest Gurcross. She is finding it hard to survive as winter nears closer and the leafs change colours.
  • Blackthorn/Hounring a warriors pledge Book 2

    This is the second book of Blackthorn.When gos on a hunt to find a lost daughter in the Donanes camp she is travilling with some food,a dog and the lost girls sister.With her she carrys an emrald ring for the lost daughter. Can she find her and bring her home safly or will it all go wrong?
  • The locket of dreams

    There is a girl named Sophie her nanny shows her a locket tevery time she wares it and falls a sleep she gos back 150 years.
  • The worst witch all at sea

    Mildred Hubble is the worst witch at Mrs.Cackles academy for witchs.Mildred has a cat that is not black like the rest of the cats and hers is afraid of flying so the headmisstress gives Mildred a new cat called Ebony and Mildreds cat has to stay in the kitchen catching mice but is terrified of mice and the cat Mildred has got from the headmistress is the best for catching mice so Mildred takes her cat on the school holiday.When Mildred Hubble flys her cat is screeching.
  • Bear Grylls /sands of the scorpion

  • Spilled water

  • PIP:The story of Olive

    A girl named Olive loses her friend and figures out that her friend would play with her if she had her father so she sets out on hunt to find her father but on the way she meets up with her twin sister Pip who is taller and leaner then olive but on the way something bad happens!